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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Review and Painting - Wargames Foundry 28mm 'Ancient Farmers Defending'

Hi all,

This article is 2 of 3 in a series looking at packs from the Wargames Foundry's 'Ancient Civilians' range. This pack is Civ-011 'Ancient Farmers Defending', models are 28mm, and the rrp is £12.00.

In standard Foundry fashion, the models are a strong 28mm foot-to-eye and the models are nice casts, not much flash or mould lines to clean up. The sculpts are well proportioned with nice muscle tones.

Painting - Base Coat

Being generic civilians they do not have any fancy clothes or trinkets, a simple tunic and belt in most cases, with the odd model having a pouch. This makes for very easy and fast base coating, and the models could be recommended for novice level painters, whose only difficulty may be with painting the archers strap on the quiver.

Painting - Advanced

With simple and easy tunics, a nice touch is a light wash for the shade, then to pick out the raised folds with the original colour, highlighting with a simple line on the very edges. This should produce a great result with little difficulty.

The weapons and belts are best kept simple, with a lighter colour sufficient enough to stand out from the models main tunic colour.

Thanks as always for reading.

I am currently taking commissions. Work to this quality is priced at £2.50 per model. The six featured here would only cost £15.


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Review and Painting - Irregular Miniatures Pack Horses and Cart

Hi all,
In this article I will be looking at a simple two-wheeled horse drawn cart, and a pair of pack horses, from Irregular Miniatures 25/28mm range.
The cart has a rrp of £5.20 (with assorted cargo, not pictured).
The pack horses are rrp £4.20 for the pair (with 2 handlers, not pictured).

The Cart
The cart is a solid piece of sculpting, one thing that Irregular has going for themselves is that they don't skimp on the material. With a little trimming the whole cart fits together nicely, with no parts feeling fragile or like they will snap under pressure.

You cant really go far wrong with the painting - a full coat of dark brown is all that is required.

A model like this is better finished using a 'dry-brush' technique. Use increasing lighter shades of brown until you are happy with the result. The metal wheel supports are all the detail that is required.

The Pack Horses
As with the cart, both these models are solid pieces, weighty enough to feel of value. Size wise they would sit fine alongside most 28mm ranges.
A note on the quality of sculpt - Irregular have always had a 'lower-end' image when it comes to quality of sculpts. The more laden pack horses is a good example of this. The assorted gear is a little tricky to pick out what is flash and what is detail. I must stress though, this is not a major issue, it just requires a little effort to cut to shape.

I wanted to try and demonstrate a variety of colours for the 3 horses, and so went with a dark brown, a light brown and a chestnut. 
The models are straight forward to paint. There isn't much detail on the satchels/bags  that the horses carry and surfaces are generally round and smooth. This makes anything special a little tricky but not impossible.

Thanks for reading.

If you like the models you can find them for sale on the Irregular Miniatures website -

If you are looking for a painter, please consider using 'Marching in Colour', this commission would have only cost £10 (4x £2.50)


Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Review and Painting - Wargames Foundry 28mm 'Ancient Revolting Civilians'

Hi folks,
In this article I will be taking a look at CIV-016 'Ancient Revolting Civilians', part of the 'Ancient Civilians Collection' by Wargames Foundry, rrp. £12.00

As is usual with Wargames Foundry the models are a 'strong' 28mm. Even foot-to-eye level is closer to 30mm. The sculpts are solid, the models look and feel like good quality.
Wargames Foundry always seem a tab expensive when compared with other historical manufacturers, but usually feel worth it once you open the pack. The only reservation I have with this pack is that it doesn't include the weapons for two of the models. For an avid gamer (with an extensive 'bits box'), this isn't a problem, but it could be annoying if you don't have spare weapons on hand. 
Painting - Base Coat
I really enjoyed the simplicity of these models and would recommend them for any level of painting skill. Aside from skin and a simple tunic, the only small details are belts and pouches.

Painting - Advanced
Thanks to the good sculpts, these models shade/highlight very easily. The tunics are good enough that even a light wash would suffice for shade.

Thanks for reading.

These models are part of a current commission. I will be painting the rest and featuring them in the same style over the next few days.  Price for commission: £15. (6x £2.50)

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Trade items for Painting Credit

We wargamers are a funny bunch, we just cant resist hoarding, buying deals, or saving for that period we have always fancied doing.. though what usually ends up happening is we stock pile lead in dingy dark cupboard and never get around to doing anything with it!
Now there is a solution - trade your unwanted models for painting credit!
You can now pay all, or part, of your painting commission in miniatures. Exact credit value is always open to negotiation and dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but a general rule of thumb is as follows -
For 25/28mm miniatures -

For 15/10/6mm miniatures - 

How it works
When considering ordering a commission, simply drop me an email with the details (scale, quantity, period, manufacturer etc) of the items you are thinking of having painted - remember, an enquiry is free, there is no obligation to commit to the commission - and let me know what you have to offer in  payment.
Using the scale above as a general guide I am certain we can work something out!

Items for Sale or Trade

Please note - all the scenery and terrain handcrafted by Marching In Colour now has its very own page. Please follow this link for the full selection - Scenery and Terrain page
for everything else currently on offer, please see below.

New items are added all the time so please check back often. Also consider joining the Marching In Colour mailing list by sending an email to me direct at '' I often give mailing list users the first choice of purchasing items before I post them here.

Please also use the above email address for any enquiries or for purchases.

And... if you want any of the models listed for sale, painted, just let me know and I'm sure we can work out a good deal.


Please note -

* Prices do not include postage, which will be charged at cost + materials.
* I am open to offers, and trades, but please bare in mind Marching In Colour is my full-time employment. Though I love it as a hobby, I must run it as a business.

Clicking on a Photo should bring up a larger image.


Page 2     Page 3    Page 4     Page 5     Page 6     Page 7     Page 8

Page 9     Page 10

28mm Werewolf armed with man-catcher
Painted to a good standard.

28mm Orc Referee
Painted to a good standard

28mm Orc
OOP model, painted to good standard

Epic Titan
Long time oop, undercoated black, still on original 'dial' base

Confrontation, Valkyries of Alahan

Mint in blister

Lord of the Rings: Saruman

Mint in blister

Lord of the Rings: Lurtz

Mint in blister

1/72 Spitfire

Mint condition, in sealed bag, no box

Ring of Fire: Berserker

Box damaged (crumpled), but contents mint

1/72 French Horse Guard Artillery

Parts missing. Please see photo.


15mm Minifigs 'War of the Roses'

19 archers, 16 billmen, 5 cavalry

Epic Ork Lot

27 vehicles including 3 metal, assorted infantry, few bikes etc

various condition, some unpainted, some painted poor quality


Epic Eldar Lot

31 vehicles, assorted infantry bases, weapons platforms, walkers etc

some unpainted, some painted poor, some painted average

1/72 Wooden Fort

Needs attention as slight damage to towers, otherwise good condition.


28mm EM4 Hazard Team

5 metal models, plus bases

28mm EM4 Beret Troopers

5 metal models, plus bases

28mm Bloodletters of Khorne

2 metal models

28/32mm Hero

one metal miniature

28/32mm Hero

one metal miniature, 90% painted good

28mm Ral Partha (?) Martial Artist

one metal miniature

28mm Grenadier (?) High Elf Warriors

two metal miniatures

28/32mm Hero

one metal miniature

OOP Marauder Miniatures (?)

£1.00 each
28mm Elf with Halberd

one metal miniature

OOP Games Workshop 80/90's

Very old metal miniatures

£5.00 each